Designer Candice Kay

Candice Kay is a New York based designer producing contemporary cocktail & evening attire that evokes an elaborate feel and stand-out effect; endorsing a feminine style & appearance.

Company Profile

    Candice Kay is an American designer, skilled pattern-maker, & entrepreneur. The Candice Kay brand produces cocktail attire, day dresses, & evening wear. Candice Kay creates beautiful designs that inspires feminine beauty & class. The Candice Kay woman is the fashionable, uptown woman who is always on the go. Whether she’s attending eventful dinners, painting the town with girlfriends, celebrating various occasions or getting down to business, the Candice Kay woman is the perfect blend of elegant and bold.

    Candice utilizes her own pattern-making and draping skills to execute intricate design detailing. In every dress, an attractive design detail is accentuated. Candice takes strong consideration in working with various dress silhouettes and classic dress styles while designing cohesive, capsulized collections. From fit and flare to fitted sheath dresses, Candice makes sure women of every shape can select a dress that embodies their style preference.

    Candice is not the typical designer; she is the all-encompassing creative director for her company. From sketching to patterning her designs from scratch to directing her brands' collection previews and editing imagery, Candice is 100% hands-on with portraying her vision. Candice custom designed her rose emblem logo as homage to a prospering woman; representing the growth from a wondrous girl into a woman of refinement.


Candice Kay started designing at the age of 17, when she moved from a small suburb in Smyrna, Georgia to Los Angeles, California. There, she studied fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. While studying design, Candice worked in retail for luxury brands on Rodeo Drive and in Beverly Hills, exposing her to the high-end, contemporary fashion market early on in her career. After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Candice moved to New York City to further her studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology..

After one year at FIT, Candice decided to leave school and gain more real world experience in fashion design. She sought after work with New York based designers, acquiring multiple internships in an effort to get hands-on experience in running a fashion company. In the year 2016, Candice incorporated Candice Kay New York. She patterned all of her garments in her bedroom of her New York apartment for her first dress collection. Shortly after finishing the collection, she found that starting the fashion business she always dreamed of was more difficult than she imagined. Determined, Candice let her ambition guide her into exploring how to establish & effectively set up her fashion company. She worked in upscale restaurants all around the city and took business classes that would educate her on managing, marketing and effectively producing her designs.

Candice praises her many challenges in pursuing an independent, creative career in fashion. From her own experience, Candice believes that a woman's strongest attributes are her self-assurance and vitality. Candice accredits the ability to bounce back from failures, hardships, conflicts, and heartbreaks as what molds and builds the independent woman of today. This belief inspired Candice to create a dress brand for women like herself, who never shy away from showing their inner strength and confidence.